Sex Object Ch. 03

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Standing in front of the seated Trish, I asked her to extend her hand palm up. She did as I asked and I stepped closer placing my hard cock on her extended palm. I told her, “Extend your hand until your fingers touch my balls.” She did so with a little gasp and looked up at me. “Dear Trish, I want you to know that you are responsible for this condition and therefore it is to be used in any way that gives you pleasure. With my cock in your hand, you can certainly judge the depth of penetration in your cunt when you impale yourself on it.”

Trish reacted, “I am already excited about the prospects of using it …… well and often!”

At this moment she turned her hand, wrapped he fingers around my cock and squeezed it while swirling her tongue around the head.

Looking up at me, she said,” “I love it when you make love to me. Oops…I mean when you fuck me! I hope that I can be your well fucked ‘Sex Object’… very soon!”

I nodded in agreement with her changed wording and said, “I want very much to enjoy wild abandoned sex together, certainly within the hour…but there are a few preliminary steps to do and enjoy first! I think the clinical term is ‘foreplay'”.

Trish responded, “Good! I’ve always enjoyed our foreplay!”

I extended my hands to Trish and she placed both her hands in mine. I led her over to the Adirondack chair in the uncovered part of the patio. I asked her to face the chair, place her feet the width of the chair legs, lean over, placing her forearms on and grasp the arms of the chair. Doing as I instructed, she looked back over her shoulder at me and I told her, “Back up enough so that your back is level and no humping until I do it!” I smiled at her, chuckling at that particular phrase’s meaning.

As she adjusted her stance, I told her, “I’m going to run my fingers up, down and all over your lovely body. You know how much I’ve always enjoyed a good feel.” Standing directly behind her, I leaned forward to begin my touching up at her shoulders…at the same time my erection tended to touch and bump her derriere.

Sensing this random bumping, Trish said, “Are you poking me intentionally? If so, you are missing what should be the target!”

I replied, “I know the location of that target and I’m looking forward to poking inside what I would expect to be a warm, moist and velvety interior! But, there are more erotic steps to complete first!” I added.

“By the way, please feel free to express your feelings or recommendations about what I’m doing, or not doing or if you would prefer that I’d stop. Is that OK with you?”

Trish replied, “Yes it is, but you have shown enough sensitivity and skill that you’ll no doubt excel at conducting me through foreplay.”

I gently moved my fingers down her back, returning to the sides to reach around to stroke both breasts and tweak her nipples, which seemed to trigger a gasp. Moving my fingers down to her derriere, I told her how I loved stroking and touching her skin. Passing lightly over her butt cheeks, I told her, “Trish, your butt has the same woven pattern as the swing’s seat! kartal escort bayan It is not only visible, but I can feel the pattern as well.”

She laughed and replied, “You intended that, didn’t you?”

I didn’t answer, but knelt and moved my fingers around her butt and down the outside of both legs to her heels. I then moved both hands to rub up the inside of both legs from the ankles to her pussy. As my fingers moved upward, Trish seemed to stiffen and rose a bit on her toes. When my fingers initially reached her pussy lips, she moaned, “Ooooo.” I then placed my thumb up against the pussy lips and gently moved it up and down the slit without entering. Trish flinched and moaned again.

I told her, “I’m going to enter you now.” My thumb entered her pussy and instantly detected moisture, plus that musky and stimulating feminine odor was detected. I extended my thumb fully while my fingers were gently gripping her mound, including the little tuft of her trimmed pussy hair. I moved the thumb around and found the different skin texture of her “G” spot. I began massaging the “G” spot.

Trish exclaimed, “Oh my God, you found it! That is incredible and I feel like I’m going to explode!”

I continued the circling with back and forth movements inside her pussy and I could sense some heavy breathing and intermittent twitching and shuddering. Trish was making more “Ooooh” and “Aaaah” sounds as I continued the masturbation of her interior.

She noticeably shuddered and said, “Are you going to fuck me soon, because I can’t handle much more of this foreplay?”

“Trish, are you saying that you have been sufficiently simulated?”

“Oh my God, yes!” she replied.

“OK Trish, it’s time for a change of positions. Turn around and sit in the chair.” After she was seated, I said, “Now scoot down a bit and put your legs over the chair arms. That’s it; your calves should be on the chair arms. I like the way this position opens you up to me! You look very beautiful, feminine and very fuckable!” I commended her. “Now take your arms, reach around your thighs and show me some pink!”

“Do you mean like this?” Trish asked.

“Yes, except pull your lips farther apart so I can see and enjoy the slick pink parts that I love so much! Good!” I said. “Now, I’m going to kneel down, lick your clit, taste your juices and do some serious tongue fucking!” With that announcement, Trish gasped and did a quick intake of breath.

I moved my tongue up and down her clit several times before I began a rapid side to side tongue lashing of her sexual anatomy. After a few minutes of this tonguing, Trish began to squirm, then released her pussy lips and grabbed my head and pulled me into her very juicy cunt.

Trish spoke, “That’s enough! I can’t take it anymore! Let’s try something else …… like fucking!” she exclaimed.

“OK, but first I need a big kiss!” I demanded. I reached up, grabbed her legs and removed them from the chair arms. Holding the chair arms, I leaned over and planted a big wet kiss on her mouth and said, “You taste so good that I escort maltepe wanted to share your juices with you.”

“Well you certainly shared that wet kiss, but don’t blame me for getting your face all wet!” she argued. “You are responsible for getting me so wet!”

I knelt down in front of her and said, “OK my dear, lift your legs up and place your ankles over my shoulders. Keep your legs spread while I examine my cock’s target.”

I placed it right on her slit, but made no attempt to enter. Instead, I held my cock and rubbed the head up and down her slit. I looked up at Trish and saw a clear anticipation for what was likely to happen next.

She said, “Quit stalling and stick it in! You surely know what I want ….. and need!”

With that, I moved the head up and down, gaining entrance to her very well lubricated cunt. I didn’t ram it in, but rather pressed steadily forward until my cock was buried to the hilt.

Trish gasped and said, “Yes, oh that feels wonderful …… but keep it moving!”

I proceeded with a slow but steady fucking, while avoiding the race to a climax.After a few minutes, sensing that my knees were getting sore from so much kneeling on the hard concrete, I told Trish, “Let’s move on and try another position.”

I offered my extended hands to Trish to assist her in getting up from the chair. As she stood, I pulled her to me and said, “Babe, I can’t imagine anything more enjoyable than fucking you! But then, maybe we haven’t tried all the enjoyable fucking positions …… yet!”

Trish replied, “Then let’s not quit until we’ve tried them all!”

“OK then, but let’s revert to one of our old favorites.” I said as I led her over to the settee. I sat down and said, “Come over here and straddle me.”

Trish stepped forward, lifted first one leg and then the other, placing them on the cushions on either side of me. I pulled her close to kiss her and said, “Now, lift up your breasts and hold them as I want to suck your nipples.”

She did as I asked and as I circled the aureole of her left breast and then the right one, Trish said, “I have always loved how you suck my nipples. You have often brought me close to orgasm by how well you do it.”

“You mean close, but not close enough?” I asked.

“Well”, Trish responded, “You always bring me so close that fucking always puts me over the top!”

“OK, then, let me see about getting you there by both sucking your nipples while we fuck at the same time.”

She grasped my cock, placed it at the entrance to her pussy and then lowered herself upon it.

“Trish rotate your pelvis in your favorite fucking motion, while I take turns making your very erect nippleswet and even more erect.” I did my best to really pull on each of her nipples with my mouth as she was pounding my cock with her almost frantic back and forth movements, In just a few moments, we were both breathing very heavily and could sense that we were rushing toward a huge orgasm.

Trish suggested, “Let’s slow down a bit and make this last…or do you want to come right away? I know pendik escort if we don’t take it easy, I’ll be totally wiped out much too soon.”

Trish stopped her pelvic movements and started rotating her nipples by pulling one from my mouth and putting the other back in my sucking mouth. The popping sound as she pulled each nipple away was quite noticeable and that made it even more sexually stimulating.

“I agree, slow down, but let me keep enjoying your tits until we start fucking again?”

“Jay” she said, “I don’t mind using those naughty slang words like ‘fuck’, ‘cunt’, ‘cock’, ‘pussy’ and so forth, but you know, and have for a long time, that I really don’t like those derogatory kind of terms referring to my breasts. While they might be OK for a cow, I don’t like that connection to be made with me!”

“Trish Darling, I am perfectly happy to see, touch, taste and enjoy your beautiful breasts and will happily keep calling them ‘breasts’ as long as you let me fondle and suck on them?”

“Well then, fondle and suck away!” Trish kidded in response. Indeed I resumed my nipple sucking with even greater vigor.

“Trish, let’s try that fucking action again.” She resumed her energetic pelvic thrusting motion and I was quickly transported to a near orgasmic state.”OK Trish, let’s slow down again as you’ve nearly got me over the top?” I requested.

“But Jay, I’m not ready to call time out yet!” she exclaimed.

“OK then, let’s try another position?”

Pausing for a moment, “What do you have in mind?” Trish asked.

“Just get off and follow me.” I stood, offered her my hand while putting my other arm around her waist and led her back to the Adirondack chair in the open patio area.”Now face the chair, lean over again and assume the position you were in before.”

Trish looked down at her feet, positioned them at the proper width, then leaned over and grasped the chair arms while resting on her forearms. “You aren’t going to diddle me again are you?” Trish asked.

“No, I’m not! I thought we’d try one of our old favorites …. ‘Doggy Style’! Does that idea appeal?” I inquired.

“Well, don’t wait too long! I really need you inside me!” she emphasized.

I put the head of my cock at her pussy lips and moved it up and down her slit a couple of times and without hesitation pressed forward slowly and inexorably right to the hilt.

She let out an “Unnnh” and pressed back against me.

I withdrew to just before the head appeared and, with only a moment’s pause, rammed it right back in.

This time she issued another “Unnnnh” followed by “Ooooos” with each thrust.

Leaning forward down her back, I reached around her sides with both hands and grasped each nipple, pulling and twisting each.

“My God, you are really doing me! I can’t remember when you last made me feel so ravished!”

After several more ass banging strokes, I slowed the pace and asked, “Do you want it faster, slower, harder or what?”

She replied, “Do all of those things and mix them up!”

While I continued and varied my pace, I reached around and started rubbing her clit with my finger and pinching it gently with my thumb. A moment later she seemed to quiver and started exclaiming in rapid succession, “Aaah, aaah, aaah, aaah!”

I stopped just before I joined her in climax.

(To be continued)

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