Shared Wife Ch. 02: Frank

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Author’s Notes: This is the second chapter in my story about Eve. Please read the previous chapter for background on the characters and story plot before reading this chapter.

* * * * *

It had been a couple of days since Jack joined me and my husband Bill for a photo shoot which resulted in Bill happily watching as Jack had sex with me. That evening, after Jack left, Bill and I discussed how much Bill enjoyed sharing me, how I enjoyed being shared, and how we wanted to do it again. We established some initial guidelines for who and when I could have sex with other men.

We hadn’t discussed the topic again for two days. But it appeared that Bill was thinking about the topic as much as I had been doing so.

“Do you have more thoughts about our discussion the other night?” Bill opened the conversation.

“I get aroused just knowing you want to watch me have sex with other men.” I replied honestly.

“Have you considered who you want to have sex with?” Bill said in his forthright way.

“I’ve considered some men I know, but I get a tingle thinking about picking up a stranger and having him fuck me hard while you watch and take pics.” I said. “What do you think about me and a stranger?”

“Well you said it would be about the sex, and not about love or any sort of attachment. Sex with a stranger would be wicked. We have to be careful though.” Bill replied. I think he really liked the idea of sharing me with a stranger, but he also showed some concerns for my safety.

“What about one of the guys we’ve met on the picture forum?” I asked. “Most of them are just horny dogs. But a few appear to be nice in their comments. And some have been gentlemen in their private messages to me.”

“Anyone in particular appealing?” Bill asked. He appeared excited that I was participating in fulfilling his fantasy, and his.

“Frank comes to mind.” I replied. When I mentioned that name, Bill’s eyes lit up.

“Yea, Frank has always been a gentleman, even If he is a perv on our photo site. He only lives an hour or so away. Based on his pics and shared experience he would be a good candidate. His cock doesn’t look too shabby either. ” I jokingly added.

Bill thought a moment and then replied. “We could arrange to meet him at a bar or restaurant in the city. Before we meet with him, we could check into a nice hotel. Then once we meet him, we could decide whether to invite him back to our room.”

I smiled and nodded my head in excitement. My pussy throbbed and I was becoming wet. It dawned on me how much I wanted this to happen. It was obvious that Bill was eager for this as well.

Through the online forum I sent a private message to Frank asking if he wanted to meet Bill and me. I didn’t need to explain why. Frank quickly replied that he did. We exchanged phone numbers and set a date for Saturday night at a downtown restaurant that would allow us to meet each other and see if we were compatible. Bill made reservations for a hotel within walking distance of the restaurant.

“This is really going to happen, isn’t it?” I asked. My pussy was aching and I knew my panties were getting wet.

Bill nodded. He still had that excited look on his face. “Are you as horny as I am right now?”

“Fuck, yeah!” I replied.

“That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.” Bill said and he took my hand and pulled me towards our bedroom. Our clothes were flying off as we quickly tumbled into bed naked. Bill’s cock was already very swollen. I was very wet. Without any foreplay he spread my legs and buried his cock within me.

“Oh Fuck Bill. That feels good.” I moaned.

Bill was especially energetic and fucked me quickly with deep thrusts while kissing me and pulling on my nipples with his fingers. It was a good hard fuck and within a couple of minutes I had my first orgasm.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” I screamed as my orgasm washed through my body. It felt so good.

Bill didn’t pause for my orgasm to recede. He flipped me over onto my knees and took me from behind in doggie fashion. I know he loves this position. He either grabs my hips and thrusts his cock hard and deep, or as he did this night, he wrapped his arms around me and fucked me with rapid short thrusts. His hand found my pussy and played with my swollen clit. My second orgasm came quickly and was even more powerful.

I collapsed onto the bed gasping for air, with Bill on top of me. He had expended a lot of energy and I could tell he needed a breather. However, he hadn’t climaxed and was still very horny. He rolled off of me and laid on his back, his cock pointing at the ceiling.

I took the lead and swung my leg over his body. I lowered my gapping pussy over his cock and dropped so he fully impaled me. God, that felt incredible.

From my kneeling position, I began to raise and lower myself on his cock, slowly fucking him. We could go like this for a long time, many many minutes. He was staring into my eyes with a look of love and appreciation. I smiled back at him.

“You got really horny thinking about me fucking another ataşehir escort man, didn’t you?” I asked while I continued to ride his cock.

“Yes. I admit it. The thought of sharing you and watching you have sex with another man really does get me hot.” Bill replied sheepishly.

I decided to continue the dirty talk and see how long he lasted before having his orgasm.

“You are really looking forward to watching Frank bury his big fat cock into my pussy. Stretching my pussy open, and fucking me hard until I cum again and again.” I teased Bill.

I could feel Bill’s cock throbbing inside me. I knew this was really getting him off. I continued slowly fucking my husband’s cock and using my vaginal muscles to squeeze him as hard as I could.

“Oh, God!” he exclaimed. “Yes! I want to see his cock stretch your pussy.”

I squeezed my cunt around Bill’s cock and continued the long, slow rise and fall up and down on it.

“And you will take a lot of pictures so we can re-live the moment again and again.” I whispered into his ear. “I want you to watch him fill my pussy. I want you to watch Frank and I have incredible orgasms.”

“OH GOD!” Bill yelled as his orgasm hit. I felt his cock swell inside me and then it began pulsing as his cum jetted deep inside my pussy. God, it felt good and I had a third, smaller orgasm myself.

I lay on top of Bill and we rested. His cock slowly softened and pulled out of me. I knew my cunt was a real mess. It wasn’t always that Bill did post coitus cleanup, but this was one of those times.

“Sit on my face.” Bill implored. “Let me eat you.”

I wasn’t going to turn down such an offer and decided I would reciprocate the oral action. I pulled off of his cock, and turned around into a “69” position. I lowered my pussy, already flowing with his cum and my fluids, onto his waiting mouth. At the same time, I took his very wet cock into my mouth and gently licked and sucked him clean. I loved the taste of our combined fluids. It was so decadent and naughty.

Bill spent several minutes gently licking the copious fluids flowing out of my pussy. This was a special treat for me. His tongue kept my orgasm drawn out, slowly diminishing. It was a wonderful ending to some incredible sex.

Finally we finished and I snuggled next to my husband, my lover, and my best friend. Sleep came quickly to both of us.

– – – – –

Saturday couldn’t come soon enough for either Bill or myself. Even the anticipation of the weekend’s activities had us both so horny. Throughout the week we had discussed our expectations for a fabulous weekend sexual encounter with Frank. Bill and I were constantly horny and fucked hard every night.

Friday morning I took some time off from work and had my pussy waxed. I loved the way it felt so smooth.

We left Saturday morning for the hour drive into the city. We left early so we had extra time to do some shopping. I bought a new outerwear black satin bustier and a black leather mini skirt. A short jacket completed my purchases. I brought along on the trip a tiny lace black thong and my black stiletto heels to complete my outfit.

“Is this too slutty an outfit to wear to dinner without the jacket?” I asked Bill.

“You should wear the jacket over that, at least until we get back to our hotel room later.” He replied.

After a quick bite for lunch, I headed off to the hair salon to have my hair and nails done. Bill used that time to his own shopping. He wanted a new camera, one with an optical zoom lens, so as to take better pictures. The zoom lens would allow him to take close-up photos without having to get physically too close.

With all our shopping done, we checked into the hotel. Bill had reserved a large suite which was on the top floor and had fabulous views of the city. It also had a well stocked bar and mini fridge.

We had left enough time to shower and dress before dinner. However, Bill had another thought. Before the shower, he wanted to inspect my wax job to ensure that I was completely bare and smooth. And he intended to inspect my pussy with his tongue.

Bill gave me an incredible oral inspection which included two very good orgasms. “Priming the pump for the evening activities.” he said. He also took several photos of my wet pussy with his new camera, just to check the focus of course.

We showered and dressed. I took a little longer applying my make-up. I did want to make a good impression for Frank. I did an overstated cat-eye effect on my eyes and used a shiny bright red lipstick on my lips. I knew I looked slutty and ready for sex.

“Wow, Babe. You look hot!” Bill said as I turned and posed for him. Bill was taking more photos of me in my sexy outfit. I must admit that I looked really hot.

“Good enough to fuck?” I asked jokingly.

“Fuck yeah! You can expect one good fucking and maybe two tonight.” he replied.

“I’m counting on that.” I said.

– – – – –

Just at seven o’clock we walked out of the hotel and the one block down the street to the kadıköy escort bayan restaurant. Frank had arrived just before we did. He was seated at the bar and rose to stand just as we walked up. He was taller than I expected, at least 6′ 4″ or more, with broad shoulders, a lean body, sandy blond hair and blue eyes.

“You must be Eve. I would recognize you anywhere from your photos.” Frank said as he shook my hand while giving me a good look all up and down my body.

“You look at my face in my photos?” I asked in jest. I figured that the men online only looked at my tits and pussy.

We all had a good laugh to break what tension there may have been.

“This is my husband Bill.” I introduced Bill and Frank. “He’s my photographer, you know.”

“Hi Frank. Pleased to meet you.” Bill said as he shook Frank’s hand.

Frank appeared a bit awkward meeting my husband. Fortunately the waitress appeared at that moment and lead us to our table, a round booth back in a corner where we would have some privacy to talk. I slid in first and moved to the center. I wanted a man of each side of me. Bill sat on my left, and Frank sat on my right. The waitress took our drink order and then left us.

Bill and I both looked at Frank, who was staring mostly at me, with occasional glances at Bill.

“I really love your photos.” Frank started the conversation. “Your photo thread on the forum may be one of the hottest.”

“I’m glad you like my photos. Bill and I enjoy taking interesting, sexy photos. I carefully select my lingerie and the poses. Bill does a great job with his camera to capture the best images.” I replied.

“I can tell you worked real hard on the poses for that that last photo set.” Frank said with a hint of sarcasm. “Your style and content changed somewhat.”

I knew Frank was referring to the photos of Jack and I engaged in sex, something totally different on my photo thread.

“You liked those?” I replied with equal sarcasm. “The man in bed with me is one of Bill’s clients who had seen my earlier photos, recognized me, and asked to watch one of my photo sessions.”

Bill had been quiet, leaving the conversation to Frank and myself. Under the table I put my left hand in Bill’s lap and held his cock through his pants. Bill placed a hand over my hand, as if to keep my hand in place. Inside, I smiled.

“He was definitely doing more than watching.” Frank replied with a smirk.

“That was Bill’s idea.” I responded. “But I have to admit that I did enjoy doing that photo shoot.”

There was a moment of silence. Frank looked at Bill and then back to me.

“You didn’t invite me to meet you here just to discuss the photos on your forum thread, did you?” Frank ask, being more direct about why we were there.

Frank moved a bit closer to me and I felt his left hand on my partially exposed thigh at the hem of my short skirt. His hand was warm, and quite large. I expected that his cock was also warm and quite large. My pussy began to tingle.

“You’re right.” Chimed in Bill. “To be blunt, I want to share Eve with you. I want to watch you and Eve having sex, and I want to take photos.”

Frank’s eyes flashed wide open. He was obviously surprised by Bill’s forward response.

We all sat frozen in silence for a moment. The waitress arrived with our drinks and we barely noticed her.

“I’ll come back later to take your dinner orders.” The waitress said as she backed away after placing our drinks on the table. She correctly assumed that we were not quite ready to order.

My left hand squeezed Bill’s cock again through his pants. Then I felt Frank’s hand slide under my skirt as he began to speak.

“I make it a rule to not mess around with married women. Just too much drama or guilt on their part. I enjoy the company of many single women.” Frank said.

My heart dropped as it appeared that Frank would not join me in bed. I spread my legs open, as much as I could in the mini-skirt. I was glad that the skirt hitched up by itself and allowed some space between my legs for Frank’s hand. I was staring into his eyes and he stared back into mine.

“There shouldn’t be any drama or guilt on our part.” I began my reply. “Bill and I love each other very much. He is a great lover and we have incredible sex together. We are also very open with each other. I only recently learned that he wants to share me. He has this fetish of wanting to watch me have sex with other men. He wants to be there and take photos.”

I paused to let this sink in. I put my right hand on Frank’s hand and gently guided it further up my skirt until his fingers were touching the damp heat of my crotch.

Then I continued in a soft sultry voice. “Won’t you accept our invitation, indulge our desires, and fuck me while Bill takes his photos?”

“Well, this is all fucked up.” Frank said.

We all laughed at the double entendre.

“We hope so.” I quickly responded.

“I’ve heard about husbands that want to watch their wife having sex with other men, but I wasn’t sure escort maltepe that was real. I never thought I would ever encounter such a couple.” Frank said as he ran his right hand through his hair and began to finger my pussy with his left hand.

“A term that is sometimes used in this situation is ‘cuckold husband’.” I explained. “It usually implies a husband that cannot satisfy his wife. The wife becomes the dominate one and insists on having sex with other men. She usually makes her husband watch, as a form of punishment for his inability to please her sexually. And she seldom allows her husband to have any sex with her at all.”

“But that is not our case at all.” I continued. “We have a great sex life. Bill satisfies me sexually and other ways in our marriage. He just has this fetish, and we both enjoy fulfilling his fetish. I just need to find a sex partner that is as good as my husband. Might you be that man?”

I was still fondling Bill’s cock, which was enlarging in my grip. Frank was freely playing with my pussy through the thin fabric of my thong. I felt this was a very good sign, and it also felt good.

Frank leaned back a bit. Then he looked at Bill’s smiling face, and then back into my eyes. He picked up his drink.

“A drink to fulfilling all our fantasies.” Frank offered a toast as Bill and I raised our drink glasses to join him.

“Hear. Hear.” Bill replied.

“May all our sexual desires be filled.” I said.

We drank and laughed. The ice had been broken, and the deal accepted.

We ordered and ate a wonderful meal. Frank asked many questions about how we met, our marriage, and our jobs. We told him that Bill was a tax specialist and that I was the bookkeeper, office administrator and the receptionist for a small agency. Frank told us that he had his own engineering firm and actually needed a tax accountant, and an administrative assistant. We left that hanging there. It would be too much to begin a sexual relationship, which may be just a one-night stand, and mix that with business.

Dinner was a bit surreal. We were conversing like old friends about normal, mundane topics while knowing that soon we would be having sex with someone we just met and hardly knew. Maybe the discussion was to give us a sense of knowing each other.

The discussion did eventually turn back to having sex and being photographed. Frank asked our intentions with the photographs, how much would we share, and how much might we post. Bill assured Frank that we would share all the photos with him. We would get Frank’s approval for any photos we posted that included him. And Frank could also post pictures that he liked.

Frank also asked why tonight I was not with ‘that other guy’ in the earlier photos. He was speaking about Jack. I told Frank that Jack had sex with me while only thinking about his own needs. Once he had his orgasm, he was finished. I told him that that I was looking for a more sensitive sex partner. Frank assured me that he intended to fully satisfy my needs. My pussy felt like it was on fire. I was eager for Frank to fuck me, long and hard.

When dinner was ended, we walked together back to the hotel. My thong was dripping wet. I could feel the dampness on my thighs.

– – – – –

Just after entering our hotel room and closing the door, Bill made drinks for all of us from a bottle of whiskey we had brought. We toasted to new friends and lovers. Bill then picked up his camera and began taking photos.

“Let me have a photo of you two kissing.” Bill directed Frank and me.

Frank hesitated and looked toward me for direction. I walked up to him and wrapped my arms about his neck.

“I can learn a lot about a lover by how he kisses. What type of lover are you?” I asked in a sultry voice.

Frank wrapped his arms around me, pulled me tight, and pressed his mouth against mine. He started soft, but soon went wild passionate with mouths open and tongues exploring. I moaned as I melted into him. Frank was a fabulous kisser and I knew immediately that he would be a great lover.

I backed away a bit from Frank and slid his jacket off his shoulders, off his arms, and tossed it on the side chair. Then I pushed him back upon the bed. He raised up upon his elbows to watch as I began dancing and removing my clothes for him. First my jacket hit the floor. Frank could see that my bustier had small front clasps. So he sat up on the edge of the bed, pulled me towards him and slowly unfastened each clasp. I let him have his way with me.

After the bustier hit the floor, he kissed both my breasts and sucked gently on both my nipples. I moaned again. Then he found the short zipper on the side on the mini-skirt, pulled it open and let the skirt fall around my feet.

“Leave your shoes on.” He said as I stood there in just my shoes and my tiny lace thong that was soaking wet.

“Take the thong off.” He commanded.

I turned my back to him and bent over, leg slightly spread. I pulled down the thin waist strap over the curves of my ass, just in front of his face. Slowly the strap between my ass cheeks pulled free. I turned back to face him just as I lowered the thong front to reveal my bare, smooth pussy. Leaning over, I pulled the thong down to my ankles and stepped out of it. I held up the tiny thong in front of his face.

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