She was Gorgeous

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.:: This is my first story. I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I have enjoyed writing it! Please leave a comment! ::.


It was getting late, but the bar was still packed.

A loud din of voices, laughter and music filled the air. I was meant to meet a friend here, but he called to cancel at the last minute so I arrived by myself, determined not to waste a perfectly good Friday night.

Pushing my way through the crowd I made my way to the bar, and sat myself down on a bar stool.

I hate sitting at a bar. Especially by myself, like all the other lonely bar flies and single people desperate for a Friday night score. Still, I had no choice, so on attracting the barman’s attention I ordered my usual “starter”, a shot of Jack and a jug of beer.

Knocking back the Jack, I settled into checking out the faces around me. It was your typical bar, filled with young and old alike. The bar counter was a semi-circle shape, allowing me a good view of the faces of the people gathered around the bar. Some chatting, some trying (mostly in vain) to order drinks. Across the bar I noticed a young woman chatting or rather being chatted up by a guy.

She was gorgeous. Long thick black hair that seemed to frame her face and flow down over her shoulders. She wore a tight black low-cut top, with her smooth breasts pressed up above the hem, almost straining to burst out. Thick lips and dark eyes completed the look. I was transfixed. Just as I was staring at this beauty she turned away from the guy chatting to her and looked directly at me, catching me staring intently at her. She smiled, and I quickly looked away embarrassed.

I sat at the bar for a while, and eventually the guy chatting to this lady gave up trying to make an impression and left. I ordered another drink, and as ataşehir escort I was paying she caught my eye again and smiled, this time I smiled back. I will admit that I was feeling a little flustered to be getting this attention from such a gorgeous woman. I got up, but rather than approaching her I turned my back on the bar and made my way through the crowd to the dance floor. It was a killer song, and the fairly large crowd on the dance floor was loving it. Soon I was caught up and dancing in amongst everyone else.

I felt a brush against my side and looked next to me, and there she was! I could smell her perfume. The scent was sexy as hell!

We looked at each other and I simply put my hand onto her waist, and pulled her in front of me while at the same time turning her around so she was facing away from me.

I put both hands on her hips and gently pulled her towards me, while she leaned back against me so her my face was next to mine. She was so sexy. Her smooth face against mine. I couldn’t resist rubbing my hand up her thigh until it just disappeared under the hem of her short black skirt. We dance liked this for a awhile until holding my hand she gently lead me off the dance floor. We walked with our arms around each other out of the bar and into the cool air of the car park. I started leading her to my car when she stopped! I was about to ask her what was wrong, when she took my hand and started pulling me away from the bar. I will admit I was confused, but not for long though. She led me down an alley next to the bar until we were out of sight of the car park and stopped. I wanted this woman SO badly! I pressed her up against the wall and we started kissing intensely! Her breasts pushed against me, our breathing getting heavy.

I reached under her skirt kadıköy escort bayan and squeezed her ass tightly. She was wearing a sexy smooth G-string, and my hands had free access to her semi naked skin!

She broke her embrace with me only to push her hand down between us to grab my crotch through my pants. She started rubbing and squeezing my already hard dick through my pants while my hands explored this sexy goddess’s body. We stopped kissing and with out a word she so so slowly dropped down until her face was inline with my cock. She looked up at me while she undid my belt and lowered my pants. My cock was straining against my boxer shorts, but she was in no hurry! She started licking my dick through the material and gently biting the side of my shaft! She then pulled my boxers down and my dick burst free. My cock is fairly thick, with a big head. I also try keep my pubes trimmed; I find it leads to better blow jobs…

Looking up at me, she ran her tongue up the under side of my rod until her mouth was at the tip and she took my fat head in between her round lips. Her mouth was so warm, with my dick resting on her tongue and her lips wrapped around my shaft. She started to suck, slowly at first, taking me all the way into her mouth, stretched around the thick width of my dick. Her hands gently fondled my balls while she took my cock into her hot mouth. It was fucking amazing! Every now and again she would stop, only to lower her mouth to my balls. Sucking one testicle into her mouth at a time while still rubbing her hand up and down my now very wet dick. It was incredible!

After a while I couldn’t take anymore of this, I needed to fuck her. Now!

I lifted her up towards me and pressed her against the wall. She was breathing hard, and she said the first escort maltepe words to me all night: “Fuck me”

I didn’t even take her panties off, I just pushed them to the side, she raised her leg up next to me and I held her thigh.

My cock met her pussy lips perfectly. I could feel her hot moisture against the tip of dick, and I pushed into her. I heard her gasp in my ear, as my cock went into her, stretching her, filling her! Her pussy was so hot around my cock, and I started sliding slowly in and out of her. Pushing her body against the wall. She grabbed my hair, as I started to increase the pace! She was holding on to me tightly, breathing quickly as I fucked her against the wall.

I could feel her legs starting to weaken, and she held onto me tighter while I supported her. I fucked her deeply, hardly ever pulling my dick out very far. We were both breathing hard, and with every thrust she let out a little audible cry.

As I started feeling the walls of her pussy gripping my dick even tighter she completely wrapped her legs around me, so that she was completely off the ground and in my arms pressed against the alley wall.

I could feel the come gathering in my balls, and I fucked her harder until she came letting out a long loud moan as her pussy gripped my shaft so tightly! That was all I could take, and I came with her, pumping my thick load of semen deep inside her pussy. It was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had, as I pumped load after load of semen inside her.

Finally our breathing slowed down, but we were still holding onto each other tightly. Our bodies shaking together.

After a while we let go of each other, and she was able to stand on her own again while she straightened her skirt and top out. I pushed my still hard dick back into my pants, and she simply slipped her panties back into place.

We walked out of the alley, hand in hand, and she looked up into my face and said “So…we going back to your place?”

It was going to be a long night. And I couldn’t fucking wait!

To be continued…

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