Stacy Lancaster: Wifely Duty

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Jared Lancaster had a light day at work. Somehow, as his mind wandered, he started thinking about sex. Okay, so for any red-blooded male that isn’t exactly unusual but it wasn’t something that Jared usually spent a lot of time doing. Not since getting married at any rate.

Jared’s wife, Stacy, has looks that hover between plain and beautiful. She keeps her dull-brown hair short. Her pale skin is flawless and her breasts are less than ample but perfectly shaped with expressive peeks. Compared to a run-way model she is on the stout side and her stomach is soft rather than flat but it does not protrude enough to cause concern.

In bed, Stacy runs hot and cold. When she isn’t in the mood, there’s little Jared can do to entice her. When she is in the mood, she gets nearly insatiable. Jared is blessed with unusual stamina and is an excellent fit for Stacy’s needs.

Normally, Jared can count on two or three nights a week of wild, exhausting sex with his little fuck bunny. Many couples may have sex more days a week but there are very few indeed that actually have more sex. When her kitty needs feeding, Stacy will usually fuck for four or five hours. Or rather, as long as her partner can hold out. Jared is the only man she’s met that can keep up with her… more or less.

However, it has now been over two weeks since Jared last dipped his wick. Stacy’s job as an office manager had her working on some of the details of very complicated merger and she was working long hours and spending every waking moment thinking about everything that needed to be done. Stacy is very good at her job and proud of her skills.

Sex simply hasn’t crossed her mind.

So Jared was left with time on his hands and weeks of pent-up appetite. His mind can be forgiven for wandering.

Jared knocked off early and headed home. He was surprised to see his wife’s car already there.

He didn’t see her in the living-room or kitchen. He heard the shower running as he neared their bedroom. Jared sighed. This probably meant she had another dinner-meeting and more work yet to do tonight. The shower stopped as he began to take off his cloths.

Stacy wasn’t the kind of woman that took hours to get ready for anything. Most of the time she wore no make-up but during the merger she had been wearing her simple “meeting face” makeup more than usual. Her short hair more or less dropped into place on its own… but it kind of looked it so that wasn’t any great blessing. It was only a minute or two before the bathroom door opened and she wandered out.

Jared was sitting on the bed in his boxers having kicked off his jeans. He was still wearing his light ataşehir escort flannel shirt. Many times Stacy had grumbled over the way she had to dress for the office while he could go to work looking like a teenager.

Jared was kind of staring at nothing, contemplating the probable empty night ahead of him. He started a bit when he realized his wife had come out of the bathroom naked. Stacy didn’t suffer from an excess of modesty but she usually covered up almost without really thinking about it. Either she was so preoccupied she hadn’t thought to put on a robe or…

Stacy saw the way Jared perked up and had to laugh. “Happy to see me?” she asked.

“Always” her husband answered, trying to put real meaning in the word. She smiled in return. Without a word, she knelt between his legs and reached for the waistband of his boxers.

Jared was a little uncertain as he lifted his behind to help her strip his shorts off. Stacy was pretty predictable in a lot of ways. Jared had certainly been happy to see his wife walking his way without a stitch of clothing but he had also noticed that she was not aroused. She put no extra sway in her step and her eyes were open and calm rather than lidded with lust or wide with eagerness.

Most importantly, the delicate seashell pink caps of her breasts were flat. By this time in their marriage, Jared knew the signs of his bride’s arousal better than he knew his own phone number; she was not horny in the least.

So what was she doing burying her head in his groin?

Stacy tickled Jared’s thigh with one hand while the other fed his soft penis into her waiting mouth. It didn’t stay soft long. His neglected little soldier rose to attention with startling speed, eliciting a giggle from the naked woman. Jared leaned back on his arms to give his wife maximum access.

Jared’s full seven inches were hard and throbbing. As usual, Stacy had to back way off. She was not a skilled cock-sucker and never took in more than half her husband’s length. The main reason for her lack of skill was her lack of practice. She had no qualms about putting a cock in her mouth; in fact she kind of enjoyed it. She even liked the taste of sperm and also her own secretions. Well, perhaps not the taste per se but what they represented.

But the problem with having a cock in her mouth was that said cock was not where it belonged. Stacy was a woman of strong but simple sexual appetites. If there was a hard cock available – and assuming she was in the mood herself – that cock belonged in her cunt.

Sucking cock just wasted a perfectly good erection as far as she was concerned.

So, all her practice kadıköy escort was limited to the amount of time it took to get the subject hard. She’d never had time to learn finesse. Also, while Jared’s dick was basically average in size, his helmet was rather large, seemingly two sizes too big for his shaft. It simply wouldn’t fit very far into Stacy’s mouth.

Stacy pulled the hardened cock from her lips and smiled up at her husband. Still, there was something slightly off about the smile; it lacked passion. Jared opened his mouth to say something but Stacy lifted a finger to shush him. Then she began stroking his spit-slick cock with both hands. She twisted her hand back and forth across the knob and then up and down the shaft.

This was already more time than his wife usually spent “playing” with his cock. Well, except for those times when he had already cum four or five times and she was desperate to get him hard again. So this was more time than she ever spent playing with a *hard* cock.

She kissed along the underside of his sex and licked at the head again. With her chin pressed against the split between the head’s glans she told him softly, “You don’t have to hold back for me Jare. I want to taste it. I want to feel you cum in my mouth.” To prove her sincerity, she sealed her lips across the head and pressed the tip of her tongue into his cum-hole and twisted it back and forth.

Jared moaned. He stopped trying to figure out what game his wife was playing. Being given permission to just let himself cum and fill her mouth with weeks of stored seed sent shivers through him.

Jared didn’t climax right that second. For the next two minutes or so, Stacy’s tongue traveled across every pore of her lover’s big knob while her hands moved constantly up and down the organ’s length. Twice she let her teeth gently scratch across his taunt skin while she grinned up at him.

But Jared eventually did cum. Stacy could feel the tension in his body and the extra swell of the meaty log she loved so much. She took her cue from a final strangled grunt and took the tip of his cock into her mouth.

The hot and viscous cream that came shooting out was wonderful to Stacy. She let the big shot of cum flood her mouth and coat her tongue in delight. She could tell that it was a big load and it was almost immediately followed by a second equally as large.

She would have liked to let it shoot across her face. She would have liked to let it spill out of her mouth and down across her chest. It was so very rare that she did this and she wished she could appreciate it properly.

But she didn’t have time for another bostancı escort bayan shower so she was careful to catch everything Jared could give her in her mouth. Also, she didn’t really want to fall into the trap of becoming aroused herself. That would be… inconvenient.

She swallowed several times to keep up with the flow.

Sighing heavily, Jared lay back on the bed as the last drops of ejaculate dropped into Stacy’s mouth. She used a hand to pump the dregs and then made a show of smacking her lips. She stood up and looked down at him, smiling at her darling man. It had to be his imagination but he could swear that her teeth were the whitest he’d ever seen them.

“What brought that on?” he asked.

“You’ve been so patient with me for the past couple weeks. I knew you needed some relief.”

He raised his head to eye her. “What about you?”

She shrugged and ran a hand through her mostly dry hair. “I still have a lot to do at the office. You know how focused I get.” She was slightly evasive.

Jared just kind of shook his head and let it drop back to the bed. “So I was just on your ‘to do’ list tonight, huh?”

One of the great things about the Lancaster’s relationship was then there were no games played with hidden meanings or snide remarks. Jared knew the way his wife’s mind worked and she knew that he knew. She shrugged again. “Yeah, basically. I’ll try not to let it go so long next time.” She pinched his kneecap and shook his leg. The contact set off the funny nervous impulse up his thigh and groin and made his softening cock stir just a little bit. “You also might start giving some thought to what happens when this mess is over. I am going to have a LOT of catching up to do.”

Jared just gazed at the ceiling for a few moments. “That… that’s actually a little scary.”

“Oh come on, hun, you survived the honeymoon.”

“Barely!” he said with feeling. “And it’s not exactly as if we had a dry spell before the wedding. Hell, you snuck into my apartment the night before we got married and raped me!”

“Well, I proved all those concerns about it being bad luck to spend the night together before wedding are hogwash, didn’t I?”

Jared just sighed again. The he grumbled “Have you forgotten how late we were? The minister was getting into his car to leave…”

“Oh stop whining. He hadn’t actually left yet, had he?” She didn’t quite stomp over to her dresser. “Get dressed – and I mean something decent.” Stacy said. “A bunch of people from work are coming over tonight for another meeting.”

This time Jared moaned in suffering misery. “Crap. What’s for dinner?”

“Sartelli’s is delivering lasagna.” She answered. Jared made a grudgingly satisfied noise; he liked Italian food. “Yes, you can have some. But then make yourself scarce.”

Softly bitching as a matter of principal, he began to dress as she started pulling on her own cloths.

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