Step-Stories: Happy Birthday Ch. 02

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(See Step-Stories: Happy Birthday, Pt. 1)

She went to bed with a smile on her face, a happy glow surrounding her as she curled up next to her husband. His hand reached out to sleepily circle her waist and she pressed her lips against his temple in response to his mumbled, “Love you.”

She pondered the moonlight reflecting off the ceiling, reviewing the events of her birthday. Her husband had allowed her to sleep in that morning, arriving at her bedside when he heard her wake with a latte and an erection. She loved starting her day off with an orgasm and her husband did not disappoint. Beginning sweetly enough, their love-making had turned loud by the time she was fully awake. She didn’t remember the presence of her teenage stepson in the house until she walked out of the bedroom, freshly fucked and sipping her coffee.

He had awoken early, as always, to go for a quick run before breakfast and expected to arrive back at the house to the sounds of his father in the kitchen. Instead, he was greeted with his stepmother’s howls of pleasure from behind her closed bedroom door. He stood in the hallway, torn between his need to rinse off and the desire to hear more. Eventually, desire won and he began pulling at his cock through his sweaty shorts.

He leaned against the wall, listening to his stepmother moan and talk dirty to his father.

“Oh, fuck me baby! God, I love your cock. Harder! Give it to me, tear me up!”

He closed his eyes and stroked his thick staff, imagining she was speaking to him.

“Right there! Oh yeah, fuck my tight little pussy. Mmm, get it baby. You love fucking your dirty girl, don’t you? Oh, God, that’s it, more. More! I’m gonna cum, baby. Yes, YES! OH!”

He shot off in his pants as she cried out, groaning slightly and slumping over. He heard his father’s baritone rumble and a feminine giggle, followed by a smack of a hand on what he expected was his stepmother’s tight ass. Rising quickly, he went to the kitchen to wash his hands and down a glass of ice water.

He was heading back through the family room to go upstairs when he heard a door open and the padding of feet on the hardwood floor. Rounding the corner in nothing but panties and a cotton t-shirt, his stepmother was quite a sight. She was obviously enjoying the afterglow, her hair mussed and her still erect nipples plainly visible through the thin material, when she came up short less than three feet from him.

“Oh!” she gasped, a hand flying to her mouth. “Umm, hi! Good morning, I mean.”

“Yeah, good morning.” He tried not to stare at her too obviously as he took in her long legs, tight top, and perky tits. “Uh, happy birthday!”

She blushed furiously under his gaze but made no move to cover up. Taking a chance, he reached out and took his stepmother into a hug. His arms circled her back and pulled her close, pressing her hard nipples against his chest and her torso against his rising cock. He kissed her cheek and whispered, “I hope you like my gift as much as dad’s.”

She was searching for a response as he released her and she jumped at the sound of her husband exiting the bedroom, zipping his pants.

“Hey, man! Hope you remembered to wish our girl a happy birthday. Breakfast in thirty, okay?”

“Sure, Dad! I was just heading up for a shower.” He took the stairs two at a time as his stepmother scurried back down the hall to find less revealing clothes.

Half an hour later, they were seated out on the deck with French toast, eggs, bacon, and mimosas. With a smile, his father raised his glass, “To my beautiful wife. You’re every bit illegal bahis as lovely as the day we met. Happy birthday, love!”

He delivered a well-received kiss as the three of them clinked glasses and sipped the champagne cocktail. With a wink at his son, her husband rose briefly. “Excuse me for a moment, please.” He returned momentarily with a small covered dish. “For the birthday girl,” he declared, removing the silver lid with a flourish.

She squealed at the sight of the white satin bow atop a robin’s egg blue box. “Love, really? For me?”

“Open it,” he responded, a twinkle in his eye.

He squeezed her leg as she removed the ribbon and sighed lovingly at the silver necklace inside, a double heart lariat with a turquoise drop. As she removed the jewelry from its case, her husband reached out to take it from her. She turned obediently and lifted her hair, dipping her head slightly to expose her pale neck.

As she lowered her gaze, her eyes came to rest on her stepson’s lap. Biting her lip, she remembered the girth she felt earlier that morning and suppressed a shudder. Had his excitement been for her?

At the same time, her stepson watched the delicate decoration settle on her chest. The dropped bead slid effortlessly across her smooth skin and came to rest in the slight crevasse above her breasts. Her top fell slightly open due to her posture and he caught a glimpse of her full tits and the scalloped edge of her lace bra. God, she was gorgeous.

His father’s lips brushed her jaw and she let her hair fall lightly to her shoulders. She reached up a hand to cup her husband’s face and kissed him. “Thank you, love.”

The conversation floated about before turning to plans for the rest of the day. She announced her desire to lounge by the pool and the men offered to clean up breakfast so she could change. Her husband went inside to start on the pans as she finished her drink and her stepson began to clear the table.

“You know,” she mentioned as she rose, “I bought myself a birthday present, too.”

“Oh, yeah? What is it?”

“Just a little something to wear by the pool. I’ll go put it on right now.”

Her stepson watched her walk away, her ass swinging under her skirt, and had to adjust himself before continuing. With the stack of dishes in hand, he made his way to the kitchen and his father.

“Damn, Dad. How did you ever? I mean, wow.”

His father chuckled, “What can I say? I’m a lucky guy.”

“Yeah,” his son let out a sigh, “you are.”

“Ha! Let me guess, you overheard this morning?” His son nodded. “I figured from the wood you were sporting. She’s amazing. I’ve got to say, it takes all I’ve got to keep up with her.”


“Yeah,” he replied with a laugh. “She’s never satisfied with just one of anything. But I learned a few things when I was your age that help.”

“Wait, what?”

“Back when I had my first job, my boss was this hot older woman. She was about thirty-three or thirty-four and took me under her wing. I was eighteen, didn’t know shit about pleasing a woman. It was all about me, you know? But she taught me a thing or two, how to slow down and get her off, instead of going in and banging away. Your stepmom says she going to buy that woman lunch one day.”

“How in the hell?”

“Hey, right place, right time. She would have parties at her place for the staff once a month. Nothing big: just burgers, beer, and music. One night, as the party was winding down, she caught me slipping on my coat to leave. She asked me to hang around, so I did. Finally, the last guy left and it was illegal bahis siteleri just the two of us. We were sitting on the couch and the next thing I knew, her tongue was in my mouth. She showed me how to finger her, how to lick her, how to keep from coming to quick…” His father’s voice trailed off.

“Oh my god, Dad. Just… oh my god.” His son reached down and eased his excited member.

His dad went back to the dishes in the sink with a smile. “I’ll tell you, son: every guy needs a Mrs. Robinson.”

His son agreed and began scraping the remains of breakfast into the trash.

As the boys cleaned the kitchen, she undressed and admired herself in the full-length mirror. Despite her thirty-two years and the birth of her daughter, her stomach was still taut and her breasts remained pert. She ran her hands over her hips and turned to view her backside. Although wider than in her twenties, her ass was smooth and high. She reached up to pinch her left nipple and it became instantly alert.

She was startled by knock at her door, followed by her stepson’s voice. “Call for you!”

“Coming!” She strode quickly to the door and cracked it to receive the phone. “Hello?”

“Happy birthday, mommy!” came the sweet chirp of her seven year old daughter.

“Thank you, sweetheart! Are you having fun with daddy?”

“I am! We are going to go swimming today.”

“Me, too! Are you going to have fun?”

“Yes! You didn’t open my present, did you?”

“No, honey, I haven’t. I promise to wait until you get home on Friday, okay?”

“Okay! I love you, mommy!”

“I love you, too, sugar. Have fun okay? Wear sunscreen!”

“I will. Bye, mommy!”

“Bye-bye, honey.”

She ended the call and sat down on the bed, her heart aching. Her daughter had been gone only two days and she couldn’t wait for her to get home. She missed her little shadow and companion. She had married young the first time and her daughter was born a month before she turned 25. While she had been able to look past her first husband’s faults when it had just been the two of them, she could not continue once their daughter was born. His interactions with her solidified the fact that her daughter deserved better, and so did she.

When her now-husband came along, he was everything her first husband lacked. His years raising his son had taught him patience and compassion and he respected her for the strength it took to leave her abusive relationship. Although her parents were shocked at their age difference, she found her older husband comforting and very sexy. The fact that he was sixteen years older than her only crossed her mind when they were in bed, giving their pairings a decidedly naughty twist.

“Oh, well,” she thought to herself and began unwrapping the tissue paper around her gift. “She’ll be home soon.”

She heard a quiet squeak and looked up just in time to see the bedroom door click closed. She left the door open? She walked quickly to the door to peek and saw her stepson’s retreating back. Had he been watching her through the door? She glanced at her nakedness and a smile pulled at the corners of her full lips. She began pulling the thin material up her legs and pondered her stepson’s spying.

She heard the dishwasher start just as she reappeared in the kitchen in her new swimsuit: a lavender halter-style one piece, cut down almost to her navel with a cinched waist. Two sets of green eyes stared at her appreciatively. “What do you think, boys?”

“I think you’re lucky we had some time alone this morning,” her husband replied with a suggestive canlı bahis siteleri look in his eye. “Otherwise, you’d never see the sun today.”

She gave a little turn, showing off the low-cut back and a peek of an old tattoo. “Is it too revealing?”

“I don’t know. What do you think, son? Have you seen too much?”

“I, wait. What?” Color rose in her stepsons cheeks. “Um, yeah. I mean, no! I like it.”

She laughed, picking up her sunglasses and novel. “Will one of you bring the pitcher when you come out?”

As she strode through the French doors, her husband gave his son a shove. “I’ll grab the towels. Be sure to bring her a drink when you go out.”

She had settled herself in the sun lounger, her glasses shielding her eyes from the morning light, and had begun reading when she heard the door open and close.

“Thank you for this morning, handsome,” she told the approaching figure. “I just love the way you fuck me.”

At his cough, she looked up and saw that it wasn’t her husband holding out the champagne flute but her sexy stepson.

“What I mean is, umm, well shit,” she stammered. With a sigh, she reached out her hand to accept the proffered glass. “Thank you.”

“Hey, no problem. Sounds like you’ve had a good day so far.”

She laughed outright at his observation. “One of the best. Sorry about that. I, uh, hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable.”

He grinned at her and removed his shirt, revealing his toned torso and chest. “It’s okay. I’m a big boy, I can handle it.”

She smiled at his statement. “I know, I just don’t want to… Well, anyway. Are you enjoying your visit?”

“Yeah, I’m having a good time. I like getting away from home and you guys are pretty laid back.”

“Well, good! You know we love having you here.”

Her eyes followed him to the water’s edge, his muscled back rippling as he dove into the water. He rose to the top and rolled onto his back to float. His board shorts hung low on his hips, showing off the cut of his abs and a line of dark blonde hair trailing from his bellybutton before disappearing below his waistband. She squeezed her legs together and sighed, longing to lick the droplets from his stomach and bite his firm arms.

She heard the door again and threw a smile over her shoulder at her husband. “Hey there, good looking.”

“Hey there, gorgeous,” he answered. “How’s my girl?”

“Just fine, now that you’re here. Thank you for doing the kitchen.”

“My pleasure.” He leaned in for a kiss. “How’s the water?”

“Looks good but I want to get a little sun first. Would you get my back?”

She handed him the aerosol sunblock and turned over, resting her chin on her folded arms. The cool spray tickled as her husband aimed the mist at her tanned skin, making sure to get a bit under the edge of her suit and the sides of her breasts. She shivered and accepted the pat her bottom with a smile.

“Thank you!”

“Happy to do it. I do miss rubbing your back, though.”

“I know but this covers so much quicker! And it dries fast enough that I should be able to join you guys in a few minutes.”

He gave her nipple a tweak as she returned to her earlier position. “Be careful with those; they almost popped out.”

She widened her eyes in mock innocence and crossed her heart as he joined his son in the pool. They were quite the pair, the son only an inch taller than his father and both were well built. Her husband may have been a bit thicker around the waist but his shoulders were wider, too, and his chest was free of any hair. She grinned. They were both golden brown and perfect.

She squeezed her legs together again and brought her book up to her nose, furtively peeking over the pages at the two sexy men.

“Damn,” she thought to herself, “there I go again.”

To be continued…

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