Sweet Sally

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The heel of my boot clacked against the porcelain tiles of the outdoor bar as I stepped off of the small stage. I had just butchered a karaoke version of Friends in Low Places and was on my way back to my beer. My friends jeered as they signed up for their turn to do the same to some other unsuspecting classic of a tune. We were lit and having a blast. It was the kind of fun that attracted attention and made others want to join in.

One of the others that looked to get in on the good time was a gorgeous, young lady. “Hey, cowboy,” she said with a flirtatious smile as she took off my hat and put it on her head. “Hey back,” was the craftiest thing I could come up with.

I was completely distracted from the conversation by the way she looked. She attempted to introduce herself, but I could not hear her over the music. In all honesty, I didn’t care what her name was. I was too busy admiring how her jeans hugged her hips and muscular thighs. I loved how her shirt showed off her large and perfectly rounded chest. Her neck was long and smooth, much to my delight and her face was a beautiful as the rest. There was nothing about her that I didn’t want to get my hands on as soon as possible.

Without warning, she tucked her finger into my belt and pulled me close enough to where I could hear what she was saying. “Want a drink?”

I was blown away by this woman that cared nothing for the cat-and-mouse games of picking someone up in a bar. She was obviously horny, willing to pay for a drink, and wanted me as much as I wanted her. I had never come across a woman like her and couldn’t wait to see what was in store for the night.

I couldn’t help, but look at my buddies and smile a big, cheesy grin. They all knew that I was going to be tossing my keys to them and I would have to find a way home in the morning; and I didn’t want to wait.

“I’m an asshole,” I proclaimed as she returned with two beers, “I didn’t catch your name.”

She smiled and answered, “Sally. And I don’t care what your name is because I’m just going to call you ‘Cowboy’.” It was good enough for me.

Sally and I finished our beers quickly and as I had predicted, I turned to throw my car keys to my friends. “See ya’ll tomorrow and be careful with my Jeep.” They answered in cheers and promises to crash.

We walked over to her car and she clicked it unlocked. I made sure to open her door for her even though she was driving. It was clear that she was into the cowboy thing and I didn’t want to fall short of her expectations. As I popped her door open, she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a very long and passionate kiss. Her lips were soft and she tasted sweet from her wine coolers and other fruit-based beverages. Her kiss turned me on even more and my cock began to swell inside my jeans. We broke from our kiss and got into her car. She started up the engine, backed out, and reached over to grab my crotch as if it was all part of the same process. “Good,” she remarked in judgment of my size. She was unbelievable. Then she continued on to her house.

I was ever thankful that she only lived blocks away from the bar. I don’t think that I could have made a long drive with my hard on being held back by my jeans.

We arrived at her house and crashed through her front door. Her purse hit the floor at the same time as my hat. She undid her belt and jeans as I left my boots and pants in a trail from her door to her room. By the time we reached her bedroom, we were half-naked and ready to go. I took one last good look at her body, still lightly covered by her bra and panties and I was even more amazed then when I had seen her in the bar.

“God damn, you are hot,” I proclaimed as she turned toward the bed and I gave her a playful slap on her ass. She laughed until she reached the edge of her bed. Then she turned around, dropped to her knees, and jerked my boxers to the floor.

My hard on danced in front of her face and she took the opportunity to tease me a bit. I felt her hot breath on the tip of my cock, but she would not take it into her mouth. She ran her fingertips up and down my shaft several times, but would not part her lips. “What do you want?” she asked playfully and I answered by grabbing a tuft of her hair and shoving my cock into her mouth. She didn’t resist or protest. She expertly parted her lips as I moved into her face. I politely stopped when I felt I was deep enough, but she continued on until I was in to the hilt. Yet again, she amazed me as she deep throated my cock several times without a gag or sound.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as she pulled off of my hard on and flicked a drop of precum with her tongue. “Tell me your fantasy,” she said still staring at my dick.

“Why don’t you tell me yours?” I interjected. She was amazingly hot, but I didn’t want to give in to her completely.

“Will you lick me?” she asked and I gladly agreed. “I actually love to eat pussy,” I explained. “Mmmm, good,” she said as she stood up and climbed onto her bed. She crawled like erotik film izle a kitten, up on all fours; then looked back over her left shoulder at me. I was hypnotized as I got on the bed behind her.

My hard on jutted out from me and I pushed the tip into her still covered pussy. The pressure was enough to make her groan as I leaned over her and kissed her back. I ran my hands up and down her back a few times before undoing her bra and letting it fall to the bed. Then I slid down further to grab the sides of her panties and pull them down her thighs and off completely.

Finally, we were both completely nude and I was ready to fulfill her wishes.

She was still on all fours as I lowered my face behind her. I let my mouth hover between her legs for only a moment. I wanted to return the favor that she had paid me earlier, but she had nothing like that in mind. She pushed her hips back until her pussy rested on my lips. Not wanting to disappoint, I kissed her pussy lips and gently began to work my tongue over the length of her slit. She was sopping wet and musty from a night in the bar. With each stroke of my tongue, she got a bit wetter and I decided that I wanted to make her come while I was eating her out.

I moved my hand up to the center of her pussy and began to rub in light circles while I continued with my mouth. I rubbed her clit and jolted my tongue in and out of her fuck hole. I knew that she was enjoying herself because her hips began to swivel in broad circles. Before I realized it, she was fucking herself with my mouth and I couldn’t help, but enjoy her every move.

Suddenly, she surprised me. “I want you to lick me.” I was confused and answered, “I think that’s what I’m doing.”

Sally was clearly past verbal signals as she grabbed the top of my hair and pulled my face up higher. She pulled my head hard and buried my face into her ass. “Lick my ass,” she commanded. The politeness was gone.

I was not shocked at her request considering how forward she had been. It made since that she was a kinky bitch on top of it all, so I obliged.

My hands moved from her pussy to her ass cheeks. I spread them far apart and revealed her rosebud. The muscle was still tight and it puckered at my first touch. I licked in small, tight circles around her hole. I licked until her hole became wet with my spit and I pushed forward with the tip of my tongue. Her ass gave a little as I pushed it into her ring. I continued to push my tongue into her ass and I reached my hands to her pussy once more. I meant to finger fuck her while I licked her ass, but she beat me to the punch. She had her fingers buried deeply into her cunt as I licked. She dug away and fingered until I felt her ass grabbing at my tongue as she huffed out a low groan.

She moved her hips forward and pulled her ass away from my mouth. I looked up at her and watched as she raised her fingers to her mouth and began sucking on her fingers. I loved the sight of a woman licking her juices off of her fingers and it made my hard on bounce a bit.

“I want you inside me,” she purred as she lowered her head to her pillow. She didn’t have to ask twice. I immediately postured myself behind her and placed the tip of my cock at her soaked pussy. I was not polite, nor was I gentle. I grabbed her firm hips and yanked back as I slammed my member forward. My thighs slapped against her hips in a single motion and she howled with my first thrust.

I pumped her almost involuntarily. My cock was in command and I was just the mechanism under its control. I fucked her until she began to collapse. She was no longer up on her hands and knees. She was face down into her pillow, flat on the bed, and cumming again. I felt her every muscle twitch around the head of my cock and she howled once more.

I was on the edge of orgasm when I pulled my cock from her. I was ready to cum, but did not want to. “What are you doing?” she protested and I answered as I raised my cock a couple of inches.

The tip of my cock found the center of her asshole and I pushed forward lightly. If she was going to protest, it was the time to do so. She didn’t. Instead, she arched her back to raise her ass a little more and the head of my cock popped into her rectum. I was soaked with her cum and I slid into her slowly and smoothly. Her hot ass was amazingly tight around the complete length of my hard on and the temptation to pound away at her was certainly there; but I waited for a second more.

“How are you doing?” my breath was heavy with excitement as I pushed my cock all the way into her. At that moment, I felt her relax and she moaned, “Fuck me.” As I lay between her open legs, I began to flex my hips forward to push deeper into her. I withdrew and returned slowly at first, but built speed and force with each push. Before too long, my hips were slapping away at her ass and my desire to pound into her was fulfilled.

My arms were flexed straight to make my upper body hover over hers while my legs flexed even film izle harder to bury me into her asshole. The position provided me the opportunity to watch her hands disappear to her center and the sensation of her finger-fucking herself while I did her in the ass became too much for me to handle.

I bellowed out a shuttered groan as my entire body twitched. The sensitive tip of my cock spewed streams of thick cum into her ass. I wanted to stop because the feeling was overwhelming, but I continued to buck into her involuntarily until I ran out of breath and collapsed onto her back.

I lay pressed into her with my hard on throbbing, but subsiding. The girth of my member remained full, but the hardness dwindled and eventually fell out of her ass. We were both covered in sweat and panting. My muscles burned and I did not want to move, but we were overcome by the desire to shower having just fucked a stranger.

Part 2

Our shower together was a bit more sensual than the raw fuck we had just given to one another. Sally was soft as she rubbed her soapy hands over my chest and stomach. I tried to return the soft touch as I caressed her tits and ran my hands over her ass, but my touch turned animalistic. There was something about her body, her way, her sexual being that was driving me crazy and I wanted more. “Are you ready for seconds?” she asked with a smile and I answered her with a kiss. She reached down, between my legs, and grabbed a handful of hardening dick. “I guess so,” she said as she pulled away from my kiss. Then, she bent at the waist and took my cock into her mouth once more. I was taken aback at first considering I had not washed from ass fucking her, but I was equally turned on at her raunchiness.

She pulled her mouth away as I sprung back to life. She wrapped her hand me and said, “Hey, you never told me your fantasy.”

“I want you to lick me,” I toyed with her. She gave me a light warning squeeze and I realized that she wanted me to tell her the truth.

“You really want to know?” I confirmed and she nodded. I don’t know if it was the booze, the post-fuck euphoria, or the re-hardened dick she held in her hand, but I spoke.

“I want to be fucked in the ass with a strap on.”

There was silence and her hand stopped its slow motion stroke. It was awkward and I felt that I should break the silence. “Too kinky?” I asked in hopes that I had not just destroyed any chance of getting laid again.

“Too kinky?” she repeated. “Nothing is too kinky,” she smiled and returned to rubbing me. “It’s just not what I expected from you. Are you bi?” I reassured her that I have no interest in men and that it was more an issue of dominance and submission. She understood the premise and asked, “Have you ever done it before?” I explained that I had mentioned it to an ex and the idea was immediately shot down. Since then, I had not mentioned until her. She smiled at that and said, “I wouldn’t mind making your fantasy come true.” She made my cock even harder.

I didn’t know what to say. I stood there wondering if she actually owned a strap on or not. Then she asked, “Have you ever had anything up your ass?” I felt my face turn red. “I’ve fingered my ass while I jerked off in the shower.” My confession aired on a shaky voice.

She stroked a few more times taking turns between looking into my eyes and looking down at my dick. “How many fingers?”

“Mmm,” I began to respond to her rubs, “two.”

Sally reached behind her, turned off the shower, and said, “Come with me.”

She toweled off quickly and I did the same. Then I followed her back into her bedroom.

“Stand right here,” she pointed to the ground at the foot of her bed and I complied. “Well, I don’t have a strap on… yet… but we can improvise.” I had no idea what she had in mind, but she walked behind me and pressed her front into my back. “This is going to be fun,” she said as she shoved me forward onto her bed. I fell a drip of pre-cum swell through my cock and I shivered a little.

“Get on all fours.”

Sally took to the dominant role with ease and I was happy to obey. My skin crawled with nervousness as a perched myself on my hands and knees.

“So you want me to lick you, huh?” she referenced my shower ploy. “I…” was all that I could reply before I felt the first tickle of a woman’s tongue at my ass. I jumped a little from the dual sensation of her breath and the tip of her tongue dancing at my opening. She licked in tight circles just as I had done for her. Then she licked in broad upward motions. I felt my asshole go wet with her spit and I relaxed a little.

“There you go,” she huffed before burying her face back into my ass. I loved the feel of being licked so much that I pushed back into her. I reached back and grabbed her hair the way she had done mine, but she intercepted. She pulled my hand away from her head and said, “I’m in charge here, hon”. Then she returned to licking me when my hand fell back to the bed.

She must have recognized seks filmi izle what I was begging her to do because she forced her tongue into the opening of my ass. She wriggled her tongue into me and withdrew. Then she repeated the motion faster until she was fucking me with her tongue. I felt the ring of my ass flexing around her, but I finally relaxed to her violation. It felt like she pushed her tongue further into my ass than I had in hers and I loved it.

Suddenly she stopped. “Don’t move,” she said as she pulled away and stepped from the bed. She came back within a moment and I heard a bottle cap pop open. The sound of lube being squeezed from a plastic bottle filled the room and I felt an excruciatingly cold drop of fluid run the course of my ass. A little would have been sufficient, but Sally poured the slick fluid into my crack.

Once she felt that my hole was properly lubed, she kissed me lightly on my left ass cheek and she pushed a finger into me. I jolted forward for a second at her delightful surprise, but I relaxed and eased back into position.

Her fingers were smaller than mine, feminine and soft, and I pushed back on her hand wanting more. She answered by pushing another finger into me. My asshole tightened around her fingers and it pulsated. There was a slight twinge of pain, but it subsided as I was able to relax. Sally was generous enough to wait until my muscles were no longer clenching. Then she began to move her fingers in and out of me. I felt the ridges of her knuckles moving in and out as she continued. My hips began to move in the same rhythm as I completely relax. My relaxation was another cue and she pushed another finger into me.

It was the most stretched that my ass had ever been, but I was able to relax much quicker. I was still buzzed from the bar, turned on from everything that Sally was doing, and I started to silently beg for more with my ass as she fingered.

Her hand began to get more forceful and I could feel her fingers going into the last knuckle. The more she pushed, the more I pushed back before she crammed another finger into my hole. She timed it with a forward thrust of her hand and a rearward thrust of my ass. She wanted to make me feel properly fucked and I did. I groaned with the pain of her additional entry and I had to slow my pace. The clenching returned in my ass and she kept her hand completely still for a moment. My ass burned hot as I panted and shivered. I thought that I had reached my max, but Sally expertly moved her other hand to the underside of my cock.

With the amazing feeling of being filled, I forgot that I still had a raging hard on. “I’m glad to know that you are enjoying this,” she remarked as she stroked me gently. “I’m fucking loving it,” I replied as my arms collapsed and my forehead fell to the pillow.

Sally took that as a sign to give me more. She slowly began to push her fingers deeper into me. The tightening had given way once more and she eased deeper. She pushed slowly but firmly. I felt her fingers disappear into my ass and she reached the base of her knuckles. Her hand was met with some resistance, but she continued to push. She was slow in her movement and she began to wiggle her hand in a small circle. I took a deep breath, exhaled, and relaxed completely. Just as my breath left my body, Sally moved her hand forward just a tiny bit more. I felt her four knuckles stretch my asshole wide and slide into me.

The pain that came with her knuckles shuttered me to the bone and I couldn’t take it any more. I felt her attempt to wriggle her thumb into me, but I protested. “No more. Please, no more.” I begged her to stop between shallow breaths.

She was as gracious in charge as she was on bottom. “Okay,” she reassured me then she slowly moved her hand in an out of me. It was the strangest and kinkiest thing I had ever done and the realization that I was nearly fisted made my cock twitch.

I reached down between my legs and began to rub my dick at the same pace that Sally worked my ass. Then I realized that she was following my pace. The faster I stroked, the harder and faster she pushed.

“I want you to cum,” she commanded and I replied, “I’m about to.” I could feel an orgasm building to the point of explosion. Then, Sally topped me off. She slid her face under me, with her hand still in my ass, and began to lick the underside of my cock.

I found a way to reposition my hips and point my dick downward so that she could take me into her mouth once more. Her warm mouth surrounded my dripping hard on and I began to buck into her mouth while she matched my rhythm in my ass. It was finally more than I could stand. I came and came. With each push forward, I fucked deeper into her mouth and with each push rearward I fucked deeper into my ass. I whimpered and yelped as each spurt of hot cum shot from me into her throat. Sally, the glorious fuck that she was, took every drop that I had to give before I begged her to stop.

She slurped as her mouth closed with a final swallow and my back arched at the strange feeling of her knuckles popping free from my tightening asshole. Her fingers glided out with relative ease and I collapsed once more; this time onto her bed, face down into the pillow.

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