The Control Group

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*All characters 18 and over etc. etc.


Victoria Reynolds

Mallory Reynolds

Catarina “Cat” Reynolds

Melanie Hendricks


21-year-old Kevin Burns nervously straightened his tie for the sixth time before checking his watch.

8:22 am

He tried to shut out his tension by hearing the sounds around him from the cars driving back, horns honking, distinct chatter of those walking by and various vendors setting up their food and coffee carts.

The young inventor checked his watch again.

8:25 am

He sighed and sat on the cold metal bench in front of the large building where soon he would have the interview which could decide his entire future.

Throughout his life, Kevin had loved machines and gadgets. At the age of 3, he had successfully taken apart and rebuilt the family computer to make it even more efficient than before.

In middle and high school, he won a score of technology conventions and developed plans to begin his own tech company after graduating high school.

A few weeks before however, he learned that scholarship which he had dreamed for as long as he could remember, which could enable him to attend a prestigious tech school, he was not eligible for.

Discouraged, he was depressed for weeks, remaining shut in his room, reading or watching large amounts of hardcore porn. One of these subsequent searches brought him to IncestisBest. At the top of the screen on one particular occasion, he saw an opportunity.

The company had a search going for a new sex toy acquisition. The toy which was the best would not only put into production worldwide but the inventor would be compensated greatly.

Immediately, Kevin got to work.

8:28 am

Kevin looked up to the building’s front doors, seeing a burly security guard unlock them and he stood, grabbing his briefcase.

With a long nervous breath, he stepped across the street toward IncestisBest headquarters.


9:17 am

“This is the BuzzMaster,” the inventor currently before the decision stated, “It has 5 speeds and even has an automatic setting.”

Victoria nodded. “How much would this potentially cost?”

“Around $90,” he said, bearing a proud smile.

“$90?!” she exclaimed, “in that case it better knock me up and fix me breakfast.”

Mallory laughed next to her. “And what about the time it takes to achieve orgasm?”

“About 15 seconds,” he replied.

“Well, let’s see it,” Melanie said, sitting on Victoria’s left.

He walked forward, handing the prototype to Mallory who passed it to Victoria, who passed it to Melanie who then passed it to Catherine.

Catherine stroked it softly and turned it on, moving the vibrating toy up and down her pussy, her clit almost instantly feeling the effects as she moaned and gripped the table in front of her.

“Ohhhh fuck…” she moaned, shaking with pleasure.

After she regained her composure, she set the vibrator on the table.

“Meh… I’ve had better,” she said.

“Is that it?” Victoria asked.

“Pathetic,” Victoria said, tossing his invention at him, “get out.”

He grabbed it up and rushed out crying, running past Kevin.

“NEXT!” he heard Victoria shout before the heavy door slammed shut.

Ryan gulped and entered, feeling the eyes of all four women on him as he set up his display as quickly as he could.

“So what’s your name and what have you got to show us?” Cat asked, leaning forward display her mouthwatering cleavage squeezed in her blue blouse.

Ryan gulped again, feeling his dick swell in his pants as he stood before 4 of the hottest pornstars in the industry to which he had beat his cock for most of his life.

“I-I’m Ryan Jacobs,” he stammered, “I’m here today to present the R-2.”

He opened his briefcase and displayed a thick and veiny dildo, including a pair of nice and round balls. At the base was a flat circular knob.

“Interesting,” Mallory said, “what’s the ‘R-2’ stand for?”

Ryan smiles sheepishly. “Well it is just the prototype name but… it’s essentially Ryan Junior. I modeled it after myself.”

“Very interesting…” Mallory said, biting her lip.

Ryan saw he still had the attention of all four and continued with his pitch.

“Ladies, I can guarantee that women across the globe will be unable to resist this product.”

“What makes you so sure?” Cat asked.

“Because I know if I make a product, it will never disappoint.” Ryan said with an air of pride, “and well… my own dick has never gotten any complaints.”

“Rather confident of yourself,” Melanie said, “let’s see it.”

She stretched out her arm and Ryan walked forward, the few steps from his display to the judging table seeming to take miles to complete.

Melanie took it and spread her legs, gripping the table and letting out a frightening wail as it entered her. She then let it go as the dildo continued working, fucking her so good it felt as if it were attached to an actual man.

“OH FUCK!” she screamed, “OH SHIT I’M CUMMING!!”

Ryan ankara bayan escortlar watched in awe as her pussy exploded, squirting onto the table before her. He then watched as the other three had a go, each experiencing a massive orgasm.

“Damn…” Cat said, brushing her sweaty hair from her face, “that was…”

“Fucking amazing…” Mallory finished, panting heavily.

“Well if the R-2 can do all that,” Victoria said, standing on shaky legs, “I think we should see what the original can do…”

The other three voiced their agreement as Victoria gestured for Ryan to come forward. He cautiously approached Cat who wasted no time in pulling his slacks down. He couldn’t help but feel good inside as she smiled upon seeing his hard dick spring out.

“Ooh… looks like the R-2 is definitely modeled after you…”

She then leaned down and sucked him into her mouth, Ryan letting a silent cry of pleasure before clenching his fist.

He then watched as Victoria was sucking Mallory’s tits, sliding the R-2 in and out of her sister’s pussy. Horny beyond belief at the sight, he gripped the back of Cat’s head and began fucking her face.

Melanie meanwhile was rubbing Mallory’s clit as she bounced on the toy, sitting upright in her chair.

“Ohhhh fuck…” Mallory moaned, her eyes going cross as she slid her pussy up and down the fat rubber cock, Victoria and Melanie each sucking her tits and rubbing each other’s wet pussies.

Cat meanwhile was still sucking off Ryan, the lucky inventor gripping her hair as she gagged on his dick.

She finally pulled back and yanked down her blouse, his hands instantly reaching for her big soft 36J knockers and giving them a squeeze as she jacked him off with a fury.

Ryan could barely believe it! His favorite pornstars right before him. He knew he had to impress. He only prayed he could hold out in the midst of suck beautiful and sexy fuck professionals.

He groaned with pleasure as Cat continued to jerk him, his mind focusing on nothing but Mallory’s moans and screams along with the feeling of Cat’s talented fingers. She then guided his back back to her lips, swallowing him down slowly, Ryan moaning and shaking lightly as she took more of him down, rhythmically squeezing him with her throat.

“Ohhhh fuck…” he groaned.

Despite having never been so aroused in his life, Ryan was somehow fighting the urge to cum. Mallory was riding the toy even more vigorously, her 36F juggs swinging wildly.

She screamed as she experienced a wild orgasm, cumming hard and falling back, the dildo simply slipping from her cunt, remaining in its fixed position.

Melanie then grabbed it up, all three sluts licking it clean of Mallory’s pussy juice before they all kissed one another.

Ryan was still fucking Cat’s throat vigorously, her slender fingers fondling his heavy and swinging balls. Victoria now was eating Mallory’s pussy as Mallory was shoving R-2 into her sister’s wet pussy.

Melanie meanwhile walked over to Ryan and Cat, the GILF moaning as she rubbed her pussy, her mouth still filled with Ryan’s cock.

Ryan then grabbed Melanie’s hair, pulling her face to his dick and shoving it into her mouth. She began to suck on it hungrily as Cat began to suck his nuts.

“Oh fuck…” he groaned in pleasure, Melanie squeezing his ass and sucking him even harder as she unbuttoned her top, revealing her beautiful golden brown 36H tits.

Ryan watched the hot scenes around him with glee, Victoria sucking Mallory’s tits as she fingered her, Cat and Melanie alternating between his dick and balls.

“Look at how Melanie’s sucking that big, fucking dick!” Victoria exclaimed, moaning as Mallory rubbed her pussy.

She crawled over, pushing her mother and Melanie out of the way and sucking him down, Ryan watching in disbelief as the biggest slut he’d ever laid eyes on took his dick down her throat.

Cat and Mallory then began to make out, rubbing each other’s pussies as Ryan fucked the faces of Victoria and Melanie.

Mallory now was on her knees, Cat on the table as Mallory ate her out.

“Oh shit! FUCKING TAKE IT!” he yelled, shoving his dick down Victoria’s tight throat until his balls slammed against her chin.

He then put it between her tits and began to fuck her warm cleavage as she ran her soft tits up and down his hard cock. He then reached down to rub Melanie’s smooth wet pussy and heard her let out a soft moan as she played with her own tits, looking into Ryan’s eyes as he kept fucking Victoria’s juggs.

“Ohhh fuck yeah…” Victoria groaned, flicking her tongue across the tip of his dick each time it popped from her cleavage.

Ryan got even harder looking up to see Cat bent over the table, Mallory rimming her mother’s deliciously tight ass before sliding his invention deep inside.

“OH FUCK!!” Cat screamed, gripping the edge as she felt her ass stretch around the massive fake dick.

“Yes baby yeah!” Victoria cheered, “you liking these big titties wrapped around cock?”

“Holy shit… it’s fucking amazing!” Ryan elvankent seksi escortlar exclaimed, fucking them even harder.

Melanie then stood, Ryan’s fingers slipping from her pussy. He couldn’t resist but to shove them in his mouth, his dick twitching as he tasted her sweet juices.

She then walked over to Cat, shaking in the middle of her third orgasm and took over from Mallory, fucking Cat’s ass hard with the dildo.

Mallory thus went over to Ryan, pulling his dick from Victoria’s tits and sucking him down, Ryan groaning as she slobbered on his cock.

Soon, all four were in line, taking turns sucking him off. Mallory was sucking him hard, Melanie behind her and groping her tits as Cat and Victoria made out and fingered one another.

Ryan was in heaven, desperately trying to hold out. He then pulled from Mallory’s throat and shoved his dick into Melanie’s as Victoria fingered her huge ass.

“Oh it’s so fucking good…” he groaned, his eyes going back as Melanie’s lips sucked his dick like a vacuum, making him shake in ecstasy.

He then pulled back again and began fucking Victoria’s face before she started sucking his nuts. She then joined Melanie and Mallory behind him as they played with each other’s tits and kissed lewdly.

Cat now was gripping Ryan’s tightly clenched ass and sucking him with a fury as he watched with pleasure, drool dripping from his balls as she looked up at him, sucking him off faster and faster.

“OH MY GOD!!” Ryan howled, throwing his back and trying to avoid focusing the fantastic blowjob.

He was unable to resist fucking her face however, gripping her hair and thrusting his dick into her throat.

Victoria then crawled between his legs and began to suck Cat’s tits as she fondled Ryan’s nuts. He groaned and looked back to see Mallory eating out Melanie.

Horny beyond belief, he gripped Cat’s hair and pulled her mouth from his dick, spitting down her throat and shoving his dick back in.

He noted she enjoyed them, pulling and twisting on her stiff nipples as she rubbed her wet pussy. Ryan could only wonder which one he would fuck first, his dick throbbing with anticipation.

He then pulled Victoria around and began to fuck her face next, slamming into her throat for about 3 minutes before moving back to Cat.

Soon, Melanie and Mallory had come over and Melanie was on was soon sucking him off as Victoria and Mallory made out in front of him.

Mallory soon replaced her, sucking his dick vigorously as Melanie fucked her ass with the dildo, Ryan moaning as the vibrations of Mallory’s soft moans moved through his dick.

After Mallory pulled back, Ryan looked with awe upon his hard dick, covered in slobber of all four sluts.

As Mallory then resumed eating Melanie’s pussy, Victoria shoved her tongue into her sister’s asshole, rimming her deep as Ryan began eating Cat’s pussy on the table.

The room was filled with moans, Ryan slurping on Cat’s sweet pussy lips while Melanie played with her tits as she sucked off the dildo, winking at Ryan.

Grinning, he slid three fingers into Cat’s pussy, the GILF emitting a cry of pleasure as he slowly thrust them in and out.

“You ready to fuck me?” Cat asked, Ryan instantly nodding as he sat up, his mouth covered in her delicious pussy nectar.

She directed to get up on the table, which Ryan found was quite more sturdy than he was expecting. In an instant, Cat had threw her leg over him and slid down his hard cock.

Cat began bouncing up and down, Ryan holding her hips as he felt his dick sliding in and out of her wet, mature pussy. Right above his head were her huge, juicy and pale tits.

He moved his hands up and squeezed them both, Cat letting out a soft moan.

“That’s it baby,” she cooed, “play with those big tits…”

He carried on, pinching and sucking them as Cat moaned loudly. Their bodies fucked harder and harder as he kept sucking, squeezing her juicy ass.

He turned to see Victoria sitting beside his head, fingering her pussy as she smiled down at him.

Melanie meanwhile sat at his right, also rubbing herself and smiling as she rubbed his chest. Mallory sat in a chair behind Cat, occasionally licking from Ryan’s balls to Cat’s leaking cunt.

He groaned and clenched his teeth, trying to focus strictly on Cat. He then heard her let out a loud howl and felt her pussy gripping his dick tightly.

He grit his teeth as the rush of her powerful orgasm shit through her, Cat’s body shuddering. She then collapsed down on top of him, sweating and panting as she kissed him deeply, Ryan tonguing her mouth as he squeezed and slapped her ass.

“That was really fucking good…” she panted, sliding her leaking pussy off his dick.

“It sure was,” he replied, breathing heavily.

He then stood, Victoria instantly beginning to kiss him and stroke his hard, wet dick. Soon enough, she was on her knees, gripping his ass and again sucking him off.

Ryan was amazed at how she sucked his dick, despite his cock having just been bayan etimesgut escort inside her mother. However, he figured to himself, she had eaten her out several times.

He couldn’t help but moan, Victoria alternating fast and slow as she fondled his balls, the other three sluts watching them and rubbing their pussies.

Melanie and Mallory then moved to his left and right, respectively, Ryan instantly playing with their huge juggs, squeezing them and pinching their puffy nipples.

“Will you fuck me now?” Victoria asked as she stopped sucking, still slowly stroking him.

“Of course!” he instantly replied, throbbing in her hand.

She lay back on the floor, Ryan looking nervous as he had never been on top before. He had only had sex twice before today and then his hookups had always been on top and in charge.

Victoria sensed his hesitation however and guided him in, Ryan pleased as he heard her make a soft moan. Her pussy felt incredible, warm and wet around his dick.

He began thrusting back and forth, Victoria wrapping her legs around him and moving him even faster into her cunt.

“OH FUCK!” Ryan cried, palming her bouncing tits and thrusting his hips faster.

“Oh yes baby…” Victoria moaned, rubbing his hands, “fuck that wet pussy…”

Ryan and groaned and pulled back, fucking her with even longer and harder strokes, easing the pressure as he squeeze her soft tits.

“Oh fuck baby! Right there!” Victoria screamed, arching her back as she got ready to cum.

Each thrust was harder than the last, the steady clap of his nuts against her ass getting louder and louder. Victoria was moaning and groaning underneath him, playing with her nipples as she looked up at him.

He then heard the other three groan in loud orgasms as they got off to the two of them. Ryan smiled before Victoria’s pussy suddenly exploded, creaming on his dick.

“FUCK YESSSSSSS!!!” Victoria cried at the top of her lungs, her pussy flexing along his length.

He could feel the cum building in his balls and he pulled out, diving down to lick her throughout the remainder of her fantastic orgasm, loving the incredible taste of her wet pussy.

She moaned softly as he slurped on her pussy lips, flicking his tongue inside and sucking her clit. Once she finally recovered, she staggered over to the table and smiled at him.

Ryan grinned back, pumping his slick cock as he looked back and forth between Melanie and Mallory. He only had to fuck the two of them to orgasm and then he would be in.

He decided to take charge.

“On all fours. Both of you.”

They looked at one another and obeyed, Ryan approaching them from behind. Melanie’s ass was fucking huge, looking as if it could swallow him whole in one motion.

Mallory’s ass was notably smaller but her pink pussy glistened with an incredible wetness. Making a quick decision before they became impatient, he aligned his hard dick with Mallory’s cunt.

He then shoved half his length into her pussy, grunting and biting his lip.

“Fuck, you’re tight!” he grunted, Mallory smirking back at him as she flexed her pussy muscles.

“Liking that, baby?” she asked.

Ryan could only muster a nod, trying with all he had to avoid blowing weeks of stored cum into her clamping cunt.

As he slowly pushed further inside, Mallory turned to Melanie and Ryan watched as they made out, twirling their long and skilled tongues together as Mallory moaned into Melanie’s mouth.

Ryan panted, biting his lip as he watched his dick slam in and out of Mallory’s wet pussy, her juices oozing down his shaft to his balls.

Ryan pumped his dick into Mallory faster and faster, gripping her hips as he looked over at Melanie’s juicy ass, getting even harder.

Mallory then felt Ryan grab her arms and yank her up, fucking her harder as he felt up her big tits.

“OH GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!” Ryan howled, Mallory throwing her ass back at him with a fury.

Melanie then turned around and began sucking her tits as she rubbed her clit, Mallory screaming as she could feel her orgasm approaching.

She could hardly prevent herself from passing out, tongue kissing with Ryan and Melanie. She cried into his mouth, cumming hard on his cock.

Just before he came himself, he yanked his dick out, exhausted as he fell onto his back on the floor.

“Oh shit…” Mallory panted, laying with her face to the floor as she caught her breath.

“Fuck…” he panted, looking at Melanie as she rested on her knees and rubbed her pussy, biting her lip as she watched Ryan slowly stroke his wet cock.

“Ride my dick,” he panted, his dick throbbing as he looked at her big, beautiful tits.

However, Melanie smiled and crawled over on all fours.

“Oh most definitely,” she said seductively, “but first I want to taste her on your cock.”

She sucked him down and Ryan groaned, arching his back and clenching his fist as she slurped back up his dick, moving down to suck his balls as she stroked him.

Before he even realized it, she dived down and began to rim his asshole, Ryan howling as a surge of pleasure rushed through his body.

She continued probing his ass with her tongue, Ryan’s eyes going cross as she beat his cock. He could feel shockwaves moving up and down his cock. Just as he was the verge of orgasm, she suddenly stopped.

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