The Good King

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Once upon a time there lived a good and handsome King. He lived in a land so beautiful and rich that all the villagers rejoiced at his name. He was strong and mighty and powerful and all other kingdoms paled in comparison to his. He had many, many things to be thankful for and King Ronald was very grateful, however, one thing brought a great deal of sadness to the good King. Although, he had many, many daughters, eight beautiful princesses to love and spoil, he had no son.

Without an heir, his kingdom would pass to the next in line, which happened to be his miserable prick of a brother. Prince Neville was evil from the tips of his eyebrows to the bottom of his perfect pink toes. Prince Neville was equally handsome, but he disliked almost everyone. He hated the villagers and was well known for his disgusting habits of raiding nearby villages and raping the lonely widows and virgins. He was also known for being very stingy and mean to his own household and family. Prince Neville was blessed with eight equally mean little bastards. His sons routinely bothered and harassed King Ronald’s daughters and due to very underhanded circumstances, he was unable to stop the marriage of two of his daughters to Prince Neville’s sons, Devlin and Dominic.

Most of you reading this will probably remark that good King Ronald should just fill his good Queen’s belly, but alas, Queen Jenna was unable to conceive. So then, the lovely, blonde vixen decided that she should start pursuing the vast array of pleasures in life, namely, other men’s cocks. Queen Jenna was a horny slut and all the men of the village loved her, often, while the wives simply smiled and looked away.

However, you really shouldn’t feel sorry for King Ronald, for although seven of his daughters had been married off to wealthy, handsome grooms, he still had his youngest daughter, his prettiest flower, his little April. Of course, he also had the very nice services of his passionate mistress Lady Lovelace as well. So, other than this extremely troubling problem of having no son, King Ronald was actually quite content.

However, one day, good King Ronald’s advisor, Sir Randy came to the King to tell him the news that his daughter Patriqa. Patriqa, his eldest daughter had given birth to a healthy, cute baby boy. This ordinarily would have been delightful news; however, the father’s child was his nephew Devlin, Neville’s son! The good King felt helpless against the likelihood of his lands falling into his brother’s hands.

King Ron worried and worried and worried some more. He looked at his situation from all the angles, but the fact remained that his lands and title could only be passed on to a MALE from his bloodline. Up until this point, the good King was simply relieved that none of Neville’s schemes to kill him had ever actually worked. It now seemed, however, that he would have find a solution and quick.

The good King once again looked at the pickle he was in, trying to see his problem with new eyes, when his lovely daughter caught his attention. She was bathing in a nearby lake, her clothes crumpled in a pile on the grassy shoreline. He could see she was completely ataşehir escort naked. Smiling indulgently, he knew his little girl was happiest when she was acting the little hoyden. She ran around his lands like a happy puppy, despite her advanced age.

His youngest girl, April, was well past the age where she should be living with her parents. At the age of 18 years, he should have found her a suitable husband, but he found himself reluctant to release his last child to the care of a stranger, even a stranger that would spoil her rotten, as he had done. He had had many offers for her hand; she would make any husband a true jewel for his arm and bedroom. Yet, he hesitated every time, saying, she needed to grow up a little more.

If he sometimes stared longingly at his youngest daughter, noting the swell of her sweet tits and the gentle slope of her backside, then he ignored it as a man’s simple appreciation for a lovely lady. If lately, he insisted on sitting through most of her dress fittings then it was he assured himself, only to make sure she was given the best service possible. Yes, he still tucked her in bed every night and helped with her bath time and if he sometimes felt his balls and cock swell at the sight of her generous figure and sweet pussy, then his accommodating mistress was always ready for a nice, long ride.

Today the weather was hot and humid and he knew his youngest daughter would be visiting her favorite lake and was sure to swim naked. Her long black hair flowed like silk behind her in the water. He caught the briefest glimpse of her white ass rising out of the water. Her arms guided her to the shore where she spied her father’s tall, large frame. She had her mother’s looks with her father’s dark coloring. Her beautiful blue eyes sparkled with happiness when her father reached his hands out to help her out of the lake.

She was truly daddy’s girl and threw her arms around her father’s large frame, soaking his regal clothes. The King simply laughed at his daughter’s exuberance and stepped closer so that he could feel every curve and bump of her small body. He pushed his erection against her lovely thighs and sighed happily when she moved in closer. His cock bounced excitedly as his hands moved down to feel her luscious ass where he dipped his fingers into the crevice of her ass cheeks. Slowly he slid one finger gently against her pucker hole. April giggled sweetly and nibbled her father’s strong neck while her hands played the curls at the base of his head. Anyone who happened by the embraced couple would never imagine that they were father and daughter.

April was use to her father’s affection. He explained when she turned 18 that because she wasn’t married yet, he would have to instruct her in the ways of men. April, not willing to leave her father was more than happy to except her father’s tutelage. In the mean time, he was very careful to not breach her maidenhood and simply enjoyed her young body in what he considered, very innocent ways. She enjoyed her father’s frequent embraces and how he made her young body feel.

“You shouldn’t be displaying so much of your beautiful kadıköy escort body, my sweet,” her father kindly admonished.

“I know father, but you’re the only one who ever finds me,” April explained softly, nibbling his ear as her hands slowly reached for his hard cock. His britches barely held his strong erection and her hands moved against his hardness, her legs lifting up between his legs and rubbing back and forth against his fuckstick.

“Oh! I love the feel of your body against mine daddy. I wish you would truly make me a woman,” April moaned against his throat.

The good King chuckled, listening to his daughter’s common request. Ever since he had let her watch him mount his mistress two weeks ago, for purely educational purposes, she often begged for him to fuck her. Although, he ached to bust her cherry, he knew that if she was to find a worthy suitor, she would have to remain intact, even though it took everything in him to deny her.

His cock hardened to an unbearable ache. The King’s balls filled and he rubbed his staff against April’s knee, trying to ease the throbbing. His girl had an uncommon ability to arouse her daddy. He would like nothing better than to relieve himself inside his daughter’s tight channel. It would be such an exquisite hole to fill.

“Please Daddy … You know that you like how I can make you feel,” the sweet, virgin begged her father. She slipped her hands inside her father’s pants and fondled his heavy erection. Her mouth caressed his strong neck, sucking and licking in desire.

“What of your future husband, precious?” the Good King growled in need.

“I don’t care to have a husband father. All I wish for in my future is children and I don’t need a lordly husband for that darling father,” April moaned, grinding against the shaft she was molding with her small, gifted hands. She wanted to serve her father’s kingly needs the way Lady Lovelace did every night.

Frustrated beyond his endurance, the King Ron pushed his daughter to her knees and allowed her to pleasure his royal stick in her juicy mouth. April wasn’t as experienced as his favorite mistress, but she was learning at an amazing rate. Her hands rubbed his cock up and down and her greedy, moist mouth enveloped the large knob.

April delighted in the taste of her father in her mouth. She watched for years as her mother flaunted her affairs in her darling father’s face and still her daddy remained respectful, only taking to his bed his rightful mistress. If April was in her mother’s place, she would show her King all the sexual joy she could, every night. She was grateful to her father for trying to keep her chaste for her future groom, but the only groom she lusted for was her own father.

The Good King moaned appreciatively as his favorite child licked and suckled him in earnest. Truly, she would make an excellent wife some day. She already made a fabulous daughter. The King was truly blessed and he knew it, despite his problems with his bastard of a brother.

As April stuffed his royal prick more firmly into her oral crevice, King Ron got an astonishing idea. His sweet bostancı escort bayan April would serve as his vessel! She would birth the next royal heir. His heir! His son! She would serve as his royal mistress. Nothing in their laws forbid him from choosing his daughter as his sex slave and Lady Lovelace had long since served her purpose. He would simply take his daughter and fuck her until she produced the heir he sought. If his brother abducted her, then he would already have his prior claim. Short of murder, Neville couldn’t stop him!

With purpose and rigor, the Good King humped his daughter’s face. He watched in delight as she swallowed his long and mighty length. The soft sounds she emitted only served to arouse the King even fuller. King Ron was willing to bet his right ball that her virgin folds were wet with syrupy juice. His own mouth watered in anticipation of lapping at those soft lips. He couldn’t wait to make her squeal in agony and beg him to mount her gluttonous snatch.

The King grasped her silky head, thrusting against her, urging her on. Holding his cock, in one hand, she squeezed his balls with the other. Her small tongue sucked at the narrow opening, trying to force out the creamy nectar. Her movements were almost desperate and so hungry that she reminded the King of one of his hogs at their trough. Her tiny snorts and pants sounded like a piggy and it amused him that his daughter could fall so lowly, but then she was like all women, he mused, ready to be used. Their holes opened to any sword, ready to be rode and filled.

The sweet Princess lapped like a good pet should and moved one hand behind her father so she could squeeze his buttocks. She slipped her hand between his legs and her tiny thumb entered his butt hole. King Ron growled and humped, if possible, with even more vigor. She sucked with more pressure, drawing his cock deeper into her hot, wet hole.

With a roar and groan, the King emptied his cock into his daughter’s mouth. His seed spilled like thick water and tasted like hearty, salty pork to his little slut. For several moments the King simply held his daughter’s head against his groin without speaking while she continued to lick and clean his person. She even sucked up some of the sperm that had dropped his shoes. She’d pleased him well. His heart thrummed inside his big chest with contentment.

“Listen to me my pet,” the King said gently, “I wish for you to come to my chambers tonight. There is much you must learn if you wish to serve a king.”

“Oh! Do you mean it father? Truly?” she chimed, her lovely face breaking into a joyous smile. The King could only grin at her enthusiasm as her brought her to her feet and enveloped her in a big, loving hug.

“Truly, my angel,” King Ron answered benignly. “You shall be taught by the most seasoned whores in the entire Kingdom how to bring me to fulfillment with just a tiny squeeze of your thighs … and I shall, in return, fill your womb with my kingly seed and you shall bring forth new blood to my throne,” he announced proudly.

“Father! Father! I .. I can barely believe you mean this. I promise though, I shall serve you fully in every manner,” the Princess answered hotly, grounding her greedy cunt against her father’s manhood.

With a groan, the King bent down and gently bit and licked the lips of his saucy, horny daughter. What a good little piece of fuckmeat she was!

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